Date: 11-05-2012

Subject: BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited has been awarded as one of the " Most Prospective Industries 2012 "

BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited is honor to be awarded as one of the "Most Prospective Industries 2012" by a leading economic journal in Hong Kong, the Economic Digest. Mr. Macro Sze, the Director of the BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited, was interviewed to share his professional insights and comments on the industry.

Mr. Sze identified three major factors that allow BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited to be awarded as one of the "Most Prospective Industries 2012". First, the tightening environmental regulations urge manufacturing industry to pay attention to their operation. Second, most companies realize more business opportunities brought by the corporate sustainability. Third, the trading of the carbon emission right has become popular which increases the demand for related services.

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