Date: 01-03-2012

Subject: Establishment of BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited

Nowadays, concerns over business activities and their impact on the environment keep rising due to a number of reasons, such as climate changes, shortage of resources, stricter laws and regulations and the proliferation of various environmental protection groups and organizations. Companies also realize seeking environmental consulting services and reducing environmental footprint in order to allow them to be more eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly as compared to others.

Having been inquired by the business community about environmental matters and being on a mission to make the world a better habitat for all living species as well as for future generations, we fully understand the fundamental impact of environmental issues on business performance and company valuation. BMI Environmental Consultancy Limitedhas been established to cater to the elevating demand for environmental consulting services.

As an international consultancy firm working across disciplines and geographic regions, BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited brings the global and multidisciplinary expertise and experience to solve client's environmental, sustainability, carbon and energy related issues.

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