Environmental Audit
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Environmental audit is a systematic, objective, recursive and even forward-looking process. In short, there are two different types of environmental audits: compliance audit and management system audit.

Environmental Compliance Audit

Conducting an environmental audit to review one's legal compliance status is no longer an option but a proper precaution and proactive measure. Our professional services include:
  • Providing a throughout snap-short of the entity current condition
  • Determining the applicable compliance requirements against which the entity's operations will be assessed using our well-developed audit methodology
  • Exploring improvement opportunities
  • Providing the necessary tools and training to the management and staff for continued compliance

Environmental Management System Audit

An environmental management system (EMS) is a system to help an organization of any size or type to improve its environmental performance in a credible and verifiable way. Setting up an EMS is often voluntary and informal, however, by complying strictly with an internationally accredited EMS scheme such as ISO14001, ISO19011, EMAS, the Carbon Trust Standard, etc., an organization can benefit in many ways, such as:
  1. Enhancing operational and managerial efficiency and achieving costs reduction
  2. Reducing potential risks and liabilities on legal compliance
  3. Maintaining and improving credibility with the public and attracting investment
We provide a wide range of services related to EMS, including:
  • Analysis of the gap between the requirements of a selected EMS and the status of the organization
  • Development of environmental policies and procedures
  • Audit of the EMS program
  • Assistance with registrar selection
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